Why DC3?

Why DC3? The coalition seeks to proactively create a county-level vision for health and well-being – through communication, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships – to improve and build stronger networks of care. Through the coalition, it is the place where disparities, inequities, and systemic problems in housing, health care, education and others are identified. More importantly, it is the place where those problems are communicated across service organizations, collaboration occurs, and sustainable solutions can be reached.


What People Are Saying

Quin Knox, Founder

Foundation for Community Impact & Health Equity

Over the past few years DC3 has been collaborating diligently to find ways to reach and meet the needs of the community. The recent initiatives have given community agencies and residents the opportunity to engage together to impact Darlington County.  We are proud to be members of Darlington Coordinating Council.

Dan Strickland, Executive Director of PDRTA

The Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority (PDRTA)

The Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority (PDRTA) has worked with the Darlington County Coordinating Council on many transportation related projects throughout Darlington County.  Collaboration in the past has been beneficial to adding services in Darlington, Hartsville, Lamar as well as commuter service.  More recently we are making headway for new services connecting Society Hill, Dovesville, Darlington and Hartsville.  “Building relationships with groups  like the DCCC who aim to better the lives of their citizens is what leads to progress,” says Don Strickland, the Executive Director for PDRTA.

Kimberly S. Mason, Principal at Rosenwald Eagles

Rosenwald Elementary/Middle School

I am so grateful to DC3 for their interest and investment in our students and our whole school program! With the careful attention to our vision for our play learning area, DC3 has pooled resources from many agencies to help our vision become a reality. From securing a grant to install a walking trail, upgrade our memorial garden, and provide books to build home libraries for our students, the Coordinating Council has caringly promoted Rosenwald Elementary/Middle School to support lifelong health and learning.

Darlington County Coordinating Council



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