Working in the Darlington County community, alongside the Darlington County Coordinating Council with its many partners, is a worthwhile experience.

The council has been serving the community for many years. Going to the next step with improving health from all walks of life, is what is at the heart of this collaborative.

Though working through a pandemic, as all of us have, the council has never lost sight of its truest purpose, and that is…serving the county in the highest ways possible.

  • Joe Bittle Chair, Darlington County Coordinating Council (DC3) Chief of Community Health, CareSouth Caronlina, Inc.

DC3 Board Members

  • Board Chair, Joe Bittle (CareSouth Carolina)
  • Vice Chair, Mamie Legette (SC Works)
  • Treasurer, Joann DeLong (United Way of Hartsville)
  • Secretary, Nichole Gibson (Welvista)
  • Christy Beasley (Clemson Extension)
  • D’Angelo Brisbon (Service Member Family Care)
  • Diane Dennis (Wilson Senior Care)
  • Shelia Haney (League of Women Voters of Darlington County)
  • Cliff McBride (SC Legal Services)
  • Kristen Miller (McLeod Health Family-Nurse Partnership)
  • Bernard Moses (SC Department of Employment and Workforce)
  • Howard Nettles (Genesis Healthcare)
  • Jack Swann (SC Vocational Rehabilitation)

DC3 Teams

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP & INFRASTRUCTURE TEAM: Led by Cliff McBride and Jack Swann  This team is responsible for safeguard and supporting DC3’s mission, vision, and values, while and maintaining accountability, integrity, effectiveness and public standing.

COMMUNITY NEEDS TEAM: Led by Tamika Thomas This team is responsible for identifying the local needs, gaps, and resources of Darlington County and to develop a plan to improve the community in the most logical and efficient way possible. This team works closely with the Community Initiatives Team to employ sustainable initiatives that are relevant to the needs.

COMMUNITY INITIATIVES TEAM: Led by Mamie Legette This team is responsible for engaging in partnerships with diverse stakeholders to collectively meet the needs identified and positively impact the quality of life of Darlington County residents. This team leads, partners, promotes, and/or assists with the implementation of a community initiative that is in alignment with the mission/vision of DC3.

COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH TEAM: Led by Marek Calhoun This team is responsible for disseminating and maintaining consistent messaging of DC3 and partner agency event information to the Darlington County community. They manage social media accounts, update websites and social medial content. This team also serves as DC3’s Public Relations Liaison for media contacts for news, newspaper, and other reporters.

Darlington County Coordinating Council




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